Why They Are Using Partial Dentures

Partial dentures serve a number of different purposes, and they are all good, as it turns out. This short article on partial dentures in Greenville examines just a couple of those highlights. You could explore these and more in more detail, in your own time, as and when they may pertain to your immediate dental circumstances. Dental experts suggest that it might be a lot better to wear partial dentures than having to struggle along with a full set of dentures.

Because having full dentures usually means one thing. You have lost all of your teeth. While there are root causes for this happening, let’s just say, it is quite possible that this could have been avoided. Of course, it goes without saying that regular brushing and flossing and the daily care that goes with it does play an important part, but it goes further as far as dentists are concerned. There may have been damaged teeth that could have been rescued.

And perhaps only one or two teeth that could not have been rescued. These, of course, would be replaced by the partial dentures. And even this goes further. Because assuming that the patient’s overall oral and dental health is still sound, the patient could very well be eligible for dental implants. That is the difference between full and partial dentures. With partial dentures, at least surrounding teeth, gums and tissues can still support these important structures.

partial dentures in Greenville

And the dental implants of course do an even better job. With full dentures, none of this support would be possible. The patient is never really able to restore the full comfort and use that will be the case through the use of partial dentures, which can also be removed for cleaning and care.