Why Are Mosquitoes So Bothersome?

There are a lot of insects on this planet that serve a purpose.  We have insects that pollinate the land so that fruits and vegetables can grow.  We have insects that consume the flesh of dead animals so that our environment isn’t overrun with rotting flesh.  However, there are a few insects that seem to serve no purpose in our environment.  The first to come to mind is the mosquito.

When we look at the mosquito, we are looking at an insect that will seek you out and suck your blood.  When they do this, they will leave a bump on our skin that itches.  This can then spread over different parts of our body becoming a real annoyance. 

So, how can we get rid of these insects?

mosquito treatment in Brick

Well there are several different ways to do this. The first is to have a mosquito treatment in Brick done.  This is where a professional company comes out and sprays the area with a pesticide.  This pesticide will then kill off the mosquitoes that are living in that area.  The problem with these pesticides is that they can be toxic and run off into our water and land causing more problems.

The better way to deal with this is to set traps, light candles and use other non-toxic measures to deal with these insects.  When we focus on preventing and keeping them away from our specific area, they won’t be as bothersome and we can all live our lives in peace.

Creating traps

There are some people who will set traps.  This is done by either purchasing a bug zapper that glows a blue in color and when the insects fly into the light, they get electrocuted.  The other option is to put them into a bottle filled with water and sugar.  This will send out a scent that attracts the insects casing them to get trapped in the water.