Can Bail Bondsman Trespass?

In the movies we see a lot of action and events that would never happen in real life.  We see massive car chases, explosions and people doing amazing feats in the span of two to three hours.  In the real world however, there are a lot of rules, regulations and procedures companies like Acme Bail Bonds need to follow.  If they don’t, then any arrests that they make or legal action that is pending can be compromised.

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One thing that bondsmen and others can’t do is trespass or otherwise infringe on the rights and privacy of those that are not in their charge.  What this basically means is, if a fugitive is not where they are supposed to be and are trying to hide there is a procedure that needs to be done for everything to be legal.


The first and most powerful tool the professional bondsman working with Sacramento Bail Bonds has is a warrant.  The warrant is a legal document by the court signed by a judge in good standing in the state to allow law enforcement access to a location without the permission of the owner.  Now, this might not sound right in theory, however, if all other avenues of trying to resolve the situation has failed, then this will work.


Typically, however, a bondsman will simply walk up to the door and knock.  The bondsman will then have to present identification and paperwork to anyone who answers as long as they are over eighteen years of age stating their purpose.  They will then have to ask and receive permission to enter the location and search.

If the person refuses, it is their legal right to do so in most states, then the bondsman will take the next step and send off for a legal warrant to enter the property.  In all situations it is typically best to simply not harbor a fugitive but rather comply with requests.  It just makes the entire process easier for all involved.